Elijah House Prayer Ministry Training

Elijah House prayer ministry has been developed through the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford as well as the ongoing work of their son, Mark, and many others. It is pastoral in nature and based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit, through the use of active listening, listening prayer, the gifts of the Spirit, and other tools.

Prayer ministry at Elijah House will always include looking for the root causes that lie beneath the surface of most problems. “Bitter roots” feed patterns that lead to habitual sins, dysfunctions, broken relationships, and many other kinds of “bad fruit.” Once bitter roots are discovered, the prayer minister leads the seeker to cancel their effect at the foot of the Cross through the power of prayer, to forgive those who wounded and tempted him/her toward judging others, and to receive forgiveness for judgments and other strongholds the heart has formed.

Paradox Church runs Prayer Ministry training throughout the year in association with Elijah House Ministries Australia.

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