We value the heart of God, because that is where we came from and where we belong and where we will return. We know that our hearts long for His and will forever be searching for Him even if we do not recognise it, feel it or deserve it. He has given Himself to us willingly and because of this, we place all our need and our highest delight in ministering to the heart of God, listening to His voice, receiving Him and yielding to His wisdom and lordship daily. 

we value

We value the hearts of people, because that is where God’s work of freedom and restoration begins. This is the Home where He chooses to live, and He’s a renovator. Without transformed hearts we will not see transformed people. We want to see people discover their identity and be released into their destiny as abandoned lovers of Jesus. As a community of disciples we seek to evangelise the unbelieving parts of people’s hearts, to bring them into true freedom and a genuine reflection of the nature and glory of God.

we believe

We believe that the most effective and biblical context to live out these values is within a spiritual family of mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters and sons & daughters. We seek to corporately yield to God and to share our ordinary lives together, in everyday Prayer and Community, in order to become like Jesus and reveal our King and His Kingdom to the world.

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