Community Life

Growing a healthy family and mature followers of Jesus requires more investment than a few hours on a Sunday morning. Loving others helps us see ourselves better, it is the masterful way we become more refined. The body ministering to the body and beyond is also where healing and transformation is carried out.

Life Hubs

Life Hubs are where we share our lives as a community outside of our weekly gatherings…

Becoming like Jesus is an everyday thing. Life Hubs are where we connect as a missional community and spiritual family outside of our Sunday gatherings. It is here where people get connected, where lives become shared and hearts become known. In this place of openness and care people are discipled in the ways of Jesus, healed, softened and sifted so that each can share in the fullness of Jesus, making disciples and releasing His Kingdom in their sphere of influence.

Life Hubs aren’t a mid week bible study or simply a support group; Life Hubs are clusters of people of all ages and races eating together, shopping together, doing life together, confessing and confronting each other and praying together, all for the purpose of Jesus being made manifest in and through our lives and spreading the kingdom into the communities where we live, work and play.