Prayer Room

We don’t just come in to “pray”, we come to meet with Jesus…

The Prayer Room

About our Prayer Room

In the middle of 2017 we heard the Lord reveal that He was going to move our beloved community from our “Well” in Kwinana to this beautiful property here in Baldivis. This revelation came with a clear request that we increase our corporate prayer. He continued to emphasise this desire over the rest of the year, as we applied for the property and He provided the funds. As we began preparations to move, He began revealing to us that He was both worthy of the sacrifice of our corporate prayer and delighted by it. Our response has been a humble and willing “yes”. Our goal is to have one session of Prayer (at least) happening daily here onsite, according to His grace.

The Prayer Room isn’t about increasing a religious practice of prayer and worship in our lives, it’s about stoking the fire of the First Commandment. Loving Jesus as our first love, with all we have, is our highest calling and our highest achievement. We understand love to be the act of giving and dying to self, therefore if God has asked us to love Him in this way, then we want to be willing Lovers, and wise stewards of all He has given to us. We understand His request as an invitation for greater intimacy and permitted authority. We believe He is worthy of the sacrifice and are moved by His delight in our love. We don’t just come in to “pray”, we come to meet with Jesus and to minister to Him.

We value the heart of God, because that is where we came from and where we belong and where we will return. We know that our hearts long for His and will forever be searching for Him even if we do not recognise it, feel it or deserve it. He has given Himself to us willingly and because of this, we place all our need and our highest delight in ministering to the heart of God, listening to His voice, receiving Him and yielding to His wisdom and lordship daily.

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