Journey of the Heart is a robust explanation of how our hearts respond to wounding and trauma, especially in our early years, how our responses at the time can shape our lives for the future, and how our responses now can open the way for healing and growth with the help of Holy Spirit. 


The course introduces the concept of prayer ministry as well as the Elijah House units our church values so strongly. We see the teachings in Journey of the Heart as foundational stepping stones towards serving and ministering within our community. 


If you have never done Elijah House units, want to strengthen your understanding of the heart journey or wish to grow in serving our community please consider registering for the course. 


It is video based and includes recorded prayer ministry demonstrations and a manual for reflection and note taking. Morning and afternoon tea is provided (byo lunch). There are no small group sessions, but our facilitator will host Q and As, and members of our Ministry Team will be available for any who wish for prayer after a video session or during the breaks. Each day of the course starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. Please arrive by 8:45am to register and grab a tea/coffee before we begin.