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Our Family Dinners are a time for us to connect more with others in our church family. Family Dinners happen once a month on a Wednesday night all over the region.

Our family culture is that we all BRING, SHARE and CARE wherever we gather for Family Dinner.

Bringing and Sharing looks like… bringing a main, a side and a drink to share with others

Caring looks like:

  • Caring for our hosts home by helping in any way that we can. This could mean laying the table, pouring drinks, making cuppas, clearing dishes, washing dishes, tidying up childrens play spaces, packing down chairs and tables, etc, all before 7:30pm.
  • Part of Caring is that each hosts home is their private space and carries their own special culture. So please respect peoples personal boundaries and property. If a door is closed, do not allow your children to wander past it.
  • Ask the host where your children can play and please feel free to bring your childrens own toys – please do not assume that its a free for all, always check with the host.
  • Find out from the host where the bathrooms are, rather than wander through the house looking for it.
  • Honour the host by being punctual (or communicating if you will be late) and helping clean up prior to the end time. Also please honour the 7:30pm finish.

We hope you enjoy this new adventure with us.